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About us

The company’s mission is to create better quality of life for the consumers by offering healthy and delicious foods and beverages.  This is achieved by combining advanced knowledge and technologies from various sources including government agencies, R&D centers, and universities to develop and produce high quality products to meet consumer demand.  The company uses online marketing tools to serve the market.

Dr. Ong-ard’s health foods story was born in 2018 when a group of researchers led by Dr. Ong-ard Praepanichchai in the field of food innovation became alarmed at the growing number of unhealthy, unwell people in society. There are many factors responsible for this situation including unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Also, as people live longer, many countries now find they have a larger “aging society”, which causes even more problems. The more elderly people there are results in the more patients being created, because many illnesses develop along with age.

As a way to alleviate these problems the 1A Food company was established. The objective was a simple one: to provide better health and better quality of life for older people and their family members by producing healthy, nutritious food under the brandname Dr. Ong-ard.