Dr. Ong-ard Chicken Lean Soup with Chia Seeds 510g.


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Product information
Dr. Ong-ard lean soups with chia seeds and selected vegetables contain protein, fiber, low fats. The soups are delicious and convenient to prepare. They are best for each age, including the elderly and patients needing recuperative nutrition.
• Ideal for each age
• Good as breakfast or during rush time
• Protein and energy for good health
• No sugar added, low sodium
• Low cholesterol

Dr. Ong-ard chicken lean soup with chia seeds.
Chicken breast is a great source of good protein without a lot of accompanying fat and is linked to a variety of health benefits. It also contains many valuable nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. There are numerous scientific evidences which suggest that chicken breast has numerous health benefits:
1. Helps control weight
2. Makes bones and muscles stronger
3. Improves the functioning of the heart
4. Reduces cell inflammation and risk of cancer
5. Helps improve muscle capacity, exercise endurance and maintain muscle mass

Key product features
• 90 calories or 5% of recommended intake
• Protein from chicken breast
• 2.5g fat or 4% of recommended intake
• 4g fiber or 16% of recommended intake
• 250 mg sodium or 13% of recommended intake
• No sugar added
• Chia seeds which are 20% fiber
• Low cholesterol
• Protein to build and repair tissues
• L-carnosine and anserine to reduce muscle fatigue and maintain pH balance
• Omega 3 to lower triglycerides to prevent heart disease and stroke
• Nutrients to promote bones and teeth
• Fiber to relieve constipation
• Magnesium to regulate blood pressure and improve skin’s overall appearance


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